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The places of
contextualization of the art work

Ngvu galerija predavanja

During three weeks period of June, a series of talks named “The places of contextualization of the art work” took place within the NGVU Gallery premises.

The first guest in our line-up, was Mr. Vladimir Nikolić, a visual artists and the professor at the Academy of fine Arts (New Media department) in Belgrade. The topic of our talks was the impact of social, economic and political circumstances on the visual arts in Serbia; we discussed the relevance of the system of validation of art work, about the relation of artists and galleries, the current status of freelance artists in Serbia, as well as the domain of video artwork collecting in the region.

Our second guest in the series was Mr. Dimitrije Tadić, the Counselor for visual arts and multi-media at the Rublic of Serbia Ministry of Culture and Information, as well as the Chairman of the Creative Europe desk for Serbia. We discussed the topics related to gallery systems, their current status, instruments for financing and their participation in the projects of Creative Europe program; about the introduction, implementation and impact of the „Call for financing the artworks from a domain of visual arts“ – how it affects the collections in public institutions and, at the same time, about its consequences in strengthening the private galleries and improvement of their collections.

Mr. Nemanja Knežević, a well-known photographer, member of Belgrade Raw collective, who is also a passionate contemporary art collector, was our third guest. Since his profession is related to collaboration with contemporary artists, he introduced us with his motives and reasons for becoming a contemporary art collector and about details of being a curator of his own collection. He told us his views on being part of the contemporary art scene, about his experiences in process of making a decision about artwork acquisition (exhibition visits and/or information gathered on social networks) and, finally, about the most important part of the visual art ecosystem – an artwork buyer. His collection includes works from visual artists such as Saša Tkačenko, Nemanja Nikolić, Marija Knežević, Aleksandar Denić, Mihailo Prostran, Davor Gromilović, Stefan Đordjević, Aleksandra Mihajlović, Dusan Rajić, Valentina Brković, Nemanja Jehlička, Bratislav Milenković and Jovan Mikonjić.

These conversations were moderated and edited by Ms. Anica Tucakov.