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About NGVU

New Gallery of Visual Arts aims at presenting, documenting and promoting contemporary visual art by female artists from the country and the region. Even with the signature of female authorship, focus of our every exhibition and the overall program is the attention given to the professional standards of the exhibition and work production and to the highest level of works’ artistic value. Although primarily dedicated to female artists, gallery gives visibility to artworks of male artists as well. NGVU is conceived as social place that facilitates contemplation and exchange between different protagonists, addressing the audience through elaborate educational program, lectures, workshops and seminars. Our artist in residence program provides accommodation space and working studio in the same venue. Our working studio is also open for interested artists by yearly Open Call for Working Studio.

About Us

Dedication to the value of artwork, made by female artists

NGVU aims not only to improve position of female artists in the existing (patriarchal) social structure, but to influence its change. We do not adjust ourselves to the dominant system; our intention is the impact on the limiting parameters of that existing visual arts system. And we intend to make that impact through care for artists, our collaborators, public, through attention and revival of dignity for work in arts in general.


Questioning social construct and immanent gender experience

As gallerists, producers, curators and mediators, we believe that it is our responsibility to exhibit, present, explore and promote the work by contemporary female artists, to discuss these topics and to influence the change of the restraining parameters of the existing visual arts system.